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INTERVIEW WITH COREY LELAND 3/21/14…on LATALKRADIO..Sam and Charlotte morning show…My segment starts at 13:00 mins ish...

If you might be interested in being the Editor of my book please email me to discuss this opportunity:


"Music is the most powerful tool for communicating an important message...Teach enlightenment to the youngest of the young, it is the highest art form" ~ Corey Leland

9/12/13  I have heard in interviews how much Gene Simmons was comforted and inspired by the Disney character "Jimminy Cricket" He was a young boy, immigrant to the U.S. from Israel...No siblings, didn't speak English well...that character meant something to him...I mentioned that to Gene when I met He and Paul Stanley at their book signing this evening. I gave both Gene and Paul a copy of volume 5 "The Insects Rock!" President of your own life...I said to Gene, these characters will be what Jimminy Cricket was to you...they are a pop band of emotional superheroes...I've been doing a lot of meditation on being of service to humanity through these songs and whatever the show will become...It doesn't happen every day that they are placed in the hands of someone who could actually make it happen but today is one of those days.

 7/29/13  I just wrote this letter to a man who has the authority to let me speak to thousands of people before a concert in Warner Park...big points for willingness, would love to do it! Here is the letter: I spoke briefly with (your secretary) this morning. I noticed that you are a Dodgers fan! I hope the Dodgers make it to the World Series this year against my Detroit Tigers. I was born in Detroit and was a young boy in Southfield...Moved to CA. when I was 10 but still never miss a Tigers broadcast.
I often go to the Concerts at Warner Park and was in attendance yesterday. I couldn't help thinking again about sharing the message of unity that I have for our community.
I am inviting everyone in the West Valley (all humans really) to unite at the top of each hour in meditation. I don't need to call it meditation and would not use any particular religious verbiage when addressing the crowd.
I liken the practice to accepting an Oscar or Grammy on behalf of someone not at the the top of the hour, accepting a sense of calm, safety, comfort, healing, abundance...on behalf of everyone in the Valley is (Your name here). I have exercises that even a child can understand, accept and fact I am a composer/lyricist/performer of original helpful pop music for kids/families. (and am available to perform)
I don't pull off the 101 or sit down in the middle of Trader Joes but when I am at home, the "Top of the hour" has been Spiritual practice since April of 1992. I have found that consistency adds up. I can speak on the subject of Spirituality as well as just about anyone we have heard of...(Chopra, Dyer, Tolle, etc) When 911 happened people were calling me through out that week saying, "Corey, I bet people would be willing to do that top of the hour thing now." At least in times of crisis this is a way to help folks feel like they are not alone.
In these challenging times (for many) I will continue to bring this message that I believe could potentially make us more "United" than we have ever been as the U.S.A. 
Peace and Joy,
Corey Leland

"Corey's clever song writing and exceptional musicianship are full of heart and humor, I fell in love with his music and his message from the first listen. This is not only for kids, its for the kid inside everyone"        ~NICK CARR Composer Spongebob Squarepants

Hi, I'm Corey Leland. I've had some National success as a composer/lyricist for the kids/family preschool market...My musical played before over 90,000 people on 2 U.S. tours before the crash of 2008 derailed the 3rd tour and effectively ended that show...You can read the review from the New York Times by searchings these words (Corey Leland Keith Markinson A kids life new york times) Keith was the Producer/Director of that show....Since then, I've written and recorded 63 songs initially intended to piggy-back that successful show. I am the sole owner/creator of the songs known collectively as Corey Leland & The Insects Rock! www.coreyleland.comIn my professional opinion, there has never been a better (more helpful, commercially viable) batch of songs for the kids/family preschool market. There has never been anything like the show that I would create around the songs!

This brand is a bit outside the box in that they are smarter than the average songs for the age group. Titles like "Mommy won't get you everything" "Don't bother Daddy on the telephone" "Why would I wanna wear diapers (when I could wear underpants) from volume one...up to "President of your own life" on volume 5...I have a fantastic concept for my show of "emotional super-heroes" and the songs to go with it...I am available to write and or produce for hire and am also of course looking for a deal on my existing catalog OR I would of course prefer to make the show I have in mind with right investor/creative team...I thank you for your consideration...

In addition to being a Songwriter/Musician/Performer/Producer...I am a super-fine Spiritual conselor/Life Coach. I am available for counseling/meditation/healing sessions. 

Welcome!! itunes! link below to access samples (and please do purchase downloads) and cds of the most fun and helpful songs for kids/families ever written and recorded!!! 

Ladies and Gentleman put your wings and antenna together for Corey Leland & The Insects Rock!

Our heroes are a very famous rock band.. (think Beatles during Beatle-mania)...along the way to doing famous band things , they meet kids, moms, dads, teachers, who are emotionally upset about something...
through deep wisdom and retro pop tunes (each song carries a great message) The Insects Rock! are extra-terrestrial wise, cute, funny and helpful rock stars! Scenes are based and built around 63 songs written and produced by Corey Leland. 
"I never planned to be writing songs for the kids/family market but that's how it came down from the first professional songwriting, music producing gig was for a Broadway type musical for kids called
"A Kids Life!" played before some 90,000 people on 2 U.S. tours before the 2008 financial downturn...Meanwhile, 
I created The Insects Rock! and am ready to make the show!!! ( I am also open to selling my catalog of songs and tracks to an existing brand/show for the right price.) email is
5 CDs from The Insects Rock!  and also check out my not for kids only "Best of Corey Leland" released on iTunes! and Amazon 12/12/12.

Email me for the nice price on the 5 CD set!!
I think you will appreciate the depth of wisdom and fun in every song!
Helpful as the songs are, 
when I find the right company to partner with...There never has been a television show for pre-school like the one I would create! These emotional super heroes will be as comforting and insightful for parents as they are for kids!
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