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In addition to my stellar original series for children/families, I  am now covering mostly hits of the 1970's (some 60's and 80's) and am available to perform at parties/events. The songs I cover are more of the Elton, James Taylor, America, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, Bowie, Monkees, Partridge, Croce, the CARS, Eagles, Nick Lowe, BTO, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper,Donovan, Beatles, Floyd, Stones, gordon lightfoot, Dr. Hook, Bread, Petty, Glen Campbell, R.E.M.…and some obscure hits that really bring you back to those younger, happy days. Yes, I am the lead singer (you'll be amazed how well I sing 
these songs) and play acoustic electric guitar.

Booking info email:   

 Also, My 5 CD, 63 song catalog and show for the kids/family market….

"Corey's clever song writing and exceptional musicianship are full of heart and humor, I fell in love with his music and his message from the first listen. This is not only for kids, its for the kid inside everyone"        ~NICK CARR Composer Spongebob Squarepants

Hi, I'm Corey Leland. I've had some National success as a composer/lyricist for the kids/family preschool market...My musical played before over 90,000 people on 2 U.S. tours before the crash of 2008 derailed the 3rd tour and effectively ended that show...You can read the review from the New York Times by searchings these words (Corey Leland Keith Markinson A kids life new york times) Keith was the Producer/Director of that show....Since then, I've written and recorded 63 songs initially intended to piggy-back that successful show. I am the sole owner/creator of the songs known collectively as Corey Leland & The Insects Rock!     

 In my professional opinion, there has never been a better (more helpful, commercially viable) batch of songs for the kids/family preschool market. 63 Songs! 


There has never been anything like the show that I would create around the songs!

This brand is a bit outside the box in that they are smarter than the average songs for the age group. Titles like "Mommy won't get you everything" "Don't bother Daddy on the telephone" "Why would I wanna wear diapers (when I could wear underpants) from volume one...up to "President of your own life" on volume 5...I have a fantastic concept for my show of "emotional super-heroes" and the songs to go with it...I am available to write and or produce for hire and am also of course looking for a deal on my existing catalog OR I would of course prefer to make the show I have in mind with right investor/creative team...I thank you for your consideration...


Email me for live booking information and also the nice price on the 5 CD set!!
Corey Leland & The Insects Rock!: Corey Leland & The Insects Rock! Vol. 5


Corey Leland: The Insects Rock! Volume 3
Corey Leland: The Insects Rock! Volume 4
corey leland: The Insects Rock! Songs You Want Your Kids To Hear...Vol. 1.