Corey Leland (Top of the Hour)

"I never planned on writing, recording and performing songs for kids and families...That directional shift came as my first professional songwriting/music producing job...I wrote all the songs for a Nationally successful kids/family musical called "A Kids Life!" directed by Keith Markinson...that show played live in 1200 to 1400 seat theaters and to over 90,000 people in 2 U.S. tours...I had a nice write up in the New York times...The show was building momentum and would have gone out for the 3rd U.S. tour in the spring of '09, but that's when the economy collapsed at the end of 2008...I was the first hired for that show, the Producer was very wise to begin with the songs...I began writing and recording my The Insects Rock! series to piggy-back the success of the musical...

Born in the Holy land of Detroit Michigan...Inviting all humans to unite in prayer/meditation at the "Top of the Hour" 

I am available for meditation sessions via the telephone or in person in the Los Angeles area...I have been meditating for five minutes at the top of each hour, whenever I am home..since april of 1992. I listen to deep/high Spirituality all through the night time hours all these years. No wife, no kids, not much of a career..just 25 years of dedication to Spiritual evolution...The best thing about being a "Spiritual Teacher" is having myself as a student. I am far more interested in "working on myself" than speaking/healing others...that is why I have waited till 2015 to begin teaching publicly.




Interview with Corey Leland from 2/2016 at Pierce College "The Body Show with David Lona is a show that focuses on the current professional techniques used to take care of the body. On this episode David interviews Corey Leland, a children’s songwriter and a spiritual guru as he discusses living a vegetarian healthy lifestyle and aging. Corey explains how the body is a learning device. He also mentions how what we eat effects our bodies. He talks about how animals are slaughtered, and how the cruelty in the food industry can be connected to a cruel society. Corey reminds us that we are what we eat, while discussing how he would rather not eat the pain and fear associated with the beef and poultry industry."

Interview with Corey Leland 9/21/2015 at Pierce College hopeful to find the right creative company/team/ assist in the creation/production of The INSECTS ROCK! A television show or movie about a pop band of bugs....funny, smart, funny, cute, did I mention they are funny! Emotional super heroes...Beatlemania famous, The Insects Rock! are a touring pop band on their way to doing famous band things, our heroes meet and teach distraught kids, teachers, parents, a kind of deep spirituality this world so desperately needs.

Corey Leland & The Insects Rock!

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